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And in 1973, we visited various ports such as Dakar, Las Palmas, Madera, The Azores - we sailed through the Azores. We went to Spanish ports in the North of Spain, Portuguese ports, and so on. This is mostly a ship year and we were also handling some third party stuff that was coming down from England, through the English government. And they were trying to send these phony newspaper reporters aboard and get 'stories'. And we were also getting about 2 or 3 a year of 'false recruits' that were being sent in, that were hypnotized and drugged to come aboard and kill LRH. But we caught every one of them at HCO and sent them packing off the ship. So that was how the year passed.  (CBR-debrief from 1982)

This one, taken from a 1973 television documentary, shows the 'Commodore' to be deteriorating rapidly. (From Lamont, Religion Inc., 1986)

1973, January 

Word Clearing Method 9 released. (CofS)

1973, Feb.

In February, Hubbard began to get jittery about the security in the Executive building and Dincalci was asked to look for somewhere with a 'lower profile'. He found a large apartment in a scruffier neighbourhood of Queens - a nondescript second-floor walk-up in the middle of a block on Codwise Place - owned by a Cuban family who lived on the first floor of the house. Dincalci paid three months' rent in advance, in cash, and said his brother and his uncle would be moving in immediately.

LRH got ill. ...On the recommendation of an allergist, Hubbard began a regular course of injections, administered by Dincalci, which seemed to help him. As his health improved, he started taking more interest in the affairs of the Church of Scientology, even writing bulletins with some of his old enthusiasm. 'He wrote tremendously fast by hand,' said Dincalci. 'It was like automatic writing you get in the occult. He'd have a glazed look, as if he was kinda gone, his eyes would roll up and the corners of his mouth would turn down and he'd start this frenzied writing. I've never seen anyone write so fast.' (Miller: "Bare-faced Messiah", pg. 314) 

1973, 10 February 

Guardian Order 637 of 10 February 1973 

Observations On The Great Health Monopoly

The Great Health Monopoly is linked by the AMA requirements that psychiatrists be MDs, that the psychologists and now even chiropractors all share the mantle. By directorates and other ways drug firms are also linked. This monopoly IS a monopoly, no matter what reasons of "public necessity" it may have.

As this Monopoly is also International (as the part played by the WFMH and NAMH show) is also witnessed by the control exerted by it over Health Ministers.

L. Ron Hubbard (Chronology of Policies and GOs concerning the attacks on Dianetics/Scientology)

1973, 20.4.

L. Ron Hubbard devises the Snow White Program for Scientology's intelligence agency, the Guardian's Office (GO), in an effort to root out and remove "false files" about the Church and Hubbard held by governments around the world. This becomes a sophisticated worldwide espionage operation targetting 17 governments and three international organisations. Ref: Guardian Order 732, 20 April 1973  (Timeline of Scientology versus the IRS)




GO 732 WW - Legal

Apr. 20, 73..



Policy: Attack is neccessary to an effective defence.
Situation: Countries are being denied to OTC, the "Apollo" and LRH
Statistics: A gradual reduction of available countries accurring since 1967. Trend Danger.
Data: General operating record since 1967, studied with many uncovered incidents without foundation in fact. Each of these has had in common false reports.

Recent exposure of official records have brought about the possession of data showing that England and the US have in the past spread false reports in several other countries which have caused trouble.

Why: By spreading false reports a cumulative file can be built in their own and other countries which then tend to act on the file without the presence of the real ... data which is factually good but which is then ignored.
Secondary Why: The tendency or habit of police and immigration agencies to act secretly on record data without further advice, thus making a hidden third party situation. 
Ideal Scene: All false and secret files of the nations of operating areas brought to view and legally exp(loited?) and OTC, "Apollo" and LRH free to frequent all western ports and nations without threat and all required ports open and free.
Plan: To engage in various litigation in all countries affected aso as to expose to view all such derogatory and false reports, to engage in further litigation in the countries originating such reports, to exhaust resources in those countries and then finally to take the nation to the United Nations (think now being possible for an individual and a group) and to the European Commission on Human Rights, meanwhile uprooting and cancelling all such files and reports wherever found. 


According to the referenced source, LRH writes the "original Snow White plan." Allegedly included in it is "Project Hunter," which is quoted below:

SWOT 15.
United States

The reference on this project is Record Correction.

According to Paris Police reports the US has falsely reported on LRH.

This means that the Treasury Dept US Liaison with Interpol and possibly the FBI have and have forwarded false reports to many other countries.

Also, as this area will become a subject of UN complaint, all recourse must be exhausted.

Any action taken against this area must also be very polite and not abusive, per UN requirements.

This area is the GO OTC Liaison for Legal. But no action may be taken without the full agreement of the GO US. A suggested program follows:

  1. Existing attorneys may be used or new ones retained in Washington D.C.
  2. According to the first amendment of the US Constitution the right of petition may not be denied. Therefore it is suggested that the Treasury Interpol unit and the FBI be separately petitioned to correct their records re LRH and to see that anyone to whom they have reported overseas be given a record correction. A minimum of evidence should be presented.
  3. When the FBI fails to act, if it does not act, to correct the record, a suit should be filed to correct it at which time much fuller evidence, as per Record Correction may be presented.
  4. When Treasury fails to act, if it does not act, it should be subject to suit.
  5. The damages resulting from these false reports are incredible, resulting in immigration and other trouble.
  6. Part of any settlement must include the advising of interior US agencies (States and cities) that false reports have been given on LRH.
  7. Part of any settlement must include advising all countries in these targets that the reports sent were false.
  8. Documents attesting the falsity of such reports must be then made available to the GO, so the govt. statement can be circulated by the GO.
  9. All records must be carefully preserved for UN use. SOURCE: Article, "Operation Snow White and the CoS-IRS Agreement," by Chris Owen, http://wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de/~cowen/essays/irs-snow.html

Due to attacks on Scientology around the world, that stemmed from false reports being circulated by government agencies, LRH writes the Snow White program. The program called for actions to be taken by the Church to “legally expunge" these false reports from government files around the world. (Criminal Time Track: Issue III, (71))

The Snow White program assigned the G.O. Intelligence Bureau to obtain all government files on Scientology. (Criminal Time Track: Issue III, (8, 70))

Hubbard believed that there was a tiny, very secret international cabal that had been orchestrating the attacks on him for decades. This same cabal was also responsible for the destruction of governments and currencies and crime around the world. ... He didn't know where it was but it was probably in West Germany and was staffed by former members of the Third Reich. They operated through Interpol, Hubbard said, the International Criminal Police Organization. Interpol was their "conveyor belt" to the FBI, CIA, MI5, MI6, BKA and all the groups that Hubbard felt were conspiring to stop him. 

The other piece of information Hubbard provided was that the cabal had the equivalent of the Japanese "Tenyaka Memorial." The Tenyaka Memorial was a written plan the Japanese had operated by for the takeover of the Pacific. This cabal, Hubbard said, had their version of a "Tenyaka Memorial" that laid out the cabal's plan for the destruction of Scientology and it was locked in a safe, probably in a public relations firm. He didn't say if the PR firm and the West German group were one and the same. 

The task of finding the "Tenyaka Memorial" and destroying the cabal was given over to his wife, Mary Sue, who gave it to her Guardian's Office. I was assigned to head the US PR section of Snow White at the end of 1973. At the time, there were only four of us, one in each bureau, plus a "Snow White In-Charge" and soon a "Snow White Programmes Officer" who kept all the files for the bureaus.

Our functions were pretty simple. Intell's job was to do their usual spying to find leads and suspects. Legal was to use the Freedom of Information Act to get files from government agencies so we could track leads. (Intell was also to keep a data base on the documents, cross-filing names and connections found in the documents.) PR was basically to create a stink, attacking the FBI, CIA and any other government agency we considered an enemy. Finance was there to write the checks for the whole operation. (Robert Vaughn Young Posts to ARS)

1973, 8 June 

Guardian Order 784 WW 8 June 1973 

Intelligence Its Role (LRH is likely the author)

The roles of Intelligence are Prediction and Support.

The normal process of Intelligence is to procure by numerous and varied and always changing means or to use accumulated stores of data on a given subject … and furnish a prediction which tells whether or not there is a situation… This is called an Estimate of the Situation.

When a situation arrives unheralded by Intelligence into the hands of command, Intelligence has miserably failed. Any situation which comes as a surprise to the establishment or any part of it is an intelligence failure.

What could be called Support Intelligence (or attack or offensive Intelligence) is the other side of the coin and also forms a vital part of Intelligence activities.

All defensive and support Intelligence is done in a way that brings no liability to the organization. When Intelligence is clumsy and short cuts its actions by illegal means or violence in any service, it can have a Watergate. There is no need for this sort of thing actually. A "suitable guise" on the other hand is not illegal. (Chronology of Policies and GOs concerning the attacks on Dianetics/Scientology)

1973, 20 June 

Guardian Order 802 of 20 June 1973 

Your Weekly Reports

The purpose of the Weekly Reports that you are required to write is as follows:

To keep CS-G and the Founder well informed of all Guardian Office activities throughout the world so that they may better plan and co-ordinate future activities of the Guardian Office network to obtain our valuable final product: Acceptances of Scientology

Nikki Freedman - CS-G Communicator (Chronology of Policies and GOs concerning the attacks on Dianetics/Scientology)

1973, Sept. 

David Mayo: In September 1973, LRH appointed me as the Senior C/S Flag and during this period I also became the C/S for LRH's auditing, until 1975, when he moved to a different location. (David Mayo, Open Letter)

In September 1973, Hubbard got word from the Guardian's Office that the threat of extradition had diminished and it was safe for him to return to the ship and, coincidentally, to his wife and children. He left next day, with Paul Preston, on a Boeing 747 bound for Lisbon, leaving Dincalci behind to pack up all their belongings and close the apartment at Codwise Place.

No one on the ship knew where Hubbard had been for the previous ten months, nor that he was returning, but his arrival back on board was predictably cause for celebration.

'When he came back on board he looked better than I had ever seen him look,' said Hana Eltringham. 'He was bright and bouncy, busting out all over. He had lost weight and could hardly contain his happiness at being back.' (Miller: "Bare-faced Messiah", pg. 318) 

1973, 10 September 

Guardian Order 924 of 10 September 1973 

Guardian Office Alert

Please will all G.O. terminals be alert to obtaining all information the police and officials have on us. If any G.O. terminal is called in to see the police, or if we have cases involving the police, such as draft cases in Germany and others, we want all the information contained in police and other authorities files.

Where there is a Freedom of Information Act, such as in Sweden, efforts must be made to obtain all the data that all officials and police have on Scientology, and Scientologists.

This alert applies to every country in the world where there is a Guardian Office. The data is badly needed and wanted at this time.

Jane Kember Guardian WW (Chronology of Policies and GOs concerning the attacks on Dianetics/Scientology)

1973 early Oct. 

Robert Vaughn Young is promoted to the USGO. (LRH - The missing ten Months)

1973, 24.10.

The looted E-meters (FDA raid in 1963), 5000 volumes and 20,000 booklets were not returned until October 24, 1973. When a count was taken, it was found that 25 of the E-meters were missing. They were never accounted for.

Moreover, the Scientologists had to pay the bill the FDA had run up for 10 years' storage of the materials the agency had improperly confiscated from the church. Their First Amendment "rights" had been upheld by the court; but the all-agency conspiracy against the sect continued on all fronts. (O. Garrison, Playing Dirty, pg. 35 and 

1973 early Nov. 

Michael Meisner arrives in Washington DC as Director of the Information Bureau in the DC GO (LRH - The missing ten Months)

1973 early Dec. 

Robert Vaughn Young is "assigned to the PR section of the most secret and largest program in the Guardian's Office - the Snow White Program" (his own words).

1973, Sept.-Dec.

The Commodore soon had the ship on the move and there were many light hearts on board when the Apollo weighed anchor and set sail, after almost a year in dock in Lisbon. She headed north along the Atlantic coast of the Iberian peninsula, stopping for a few days at the historic cities of Oporto and Corunna, then turning south again to Setubal and Cadiz. At the beginning of December, she returned to Tenerife in the Canary Islands. 

One afternoon, snaking round the switchback curves up in the volcanic mountains of Tenerife, Hubbard skidded on a patch of loose gravel, lost control and fell off, smashing several cameras that were on straps round his neck. Although in considerable pain, he managed to get back on the bike and ride it down to the port. He let it drop on the quayside and staggered up the gangway of the Apollo with his trousers torn and the mangled cameras still around his neck. Jim Dincalci, back on board as medical officer, was summoned immediately. ... he suggested that the Commodore should be taken to a hospital for a check-up. Hubbard refused adamantly, but huffily agreed to be examined by a local doctor. He prescribed rest and pain-killers, to be taken two at a time as required.

... the task of nursing the Commodore was handed over to Kima Douglas, a strikingly attractive artist from South Africa who had had two years' nursing experience in the labour ward of the British hospital in Bulawayo. 'I think he had broken an arm and several ribs,' she said. 'He certainly had massive black bruises everywhere. We strapped up his arm and strapped his ribs, but he couldn't lie down so he slept in a chair as best he could. He must have been in agony. He screamed and hollered and yelled. It was absolutely ungodly; six weeks of pure hell. (Miller: "Bare-faced Messiah", pg. 319) 


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