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Chronology of the Scientology Movement


We tried to keep this timetrack factual, which means, that we keep it free from opinions according to the motto "time, place, event": When did it happen, the data to it, and its source.

We have chosen to post all sources without evaluation at this time.

LRH's policies on investigation as contained in the Vol. Ministers Handbook and other PLs contain a list of what makes something illogical, called "outpoints". These include "omitted data", "altered importances", "wrong scource" (as in buying candy from a dentist), "conflicting data" etc. Here is a summary of it which might help you in your own evaluation.

Here you find the data sources for this chronology. 

If anybody wants to contribute to it... you're welcome to send us new data sources or preferably, new, completely edited items, according to the pattern of the existing timetrack. We will update the timetrack with the new data.

Last updated: 19.01.01

Reasearch Team: research@freezone.de

  Hier finden Sie ein Äquivalent der Chronologie auf Deutsch

Here you find an equivalent of this Chronology in German.


A few Topics

1940's and earlier








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