Latest News in Sector 9

"Now to bring you up to date on the latest news in Sector 9 since the publication of the Ethics Order." (Sector Ops Bu 20)

News Items

  1. Xenu was arrested by members of the Galactic Patrol on Monday 25 Nov 1985 and exiled from Sector 9. He had been hiding out and monitoring the body of Anthony Carlile in the Strasbourg area of France, using French and Swiss Passports. He had attended a Black Masonic Order "Summit Meeting" in Geneva, Switzerland shortly before his arrest.
  2. Since the arrest of Xenu, the Markabian "One World Plan" has fractured into two major factions with a quiet third group waiting to see who comes out on top. Two major factions are:
    1. The group who wants to carry out Xenu's plan for One World Mental Enslavement and take the Planet for themselves as total despotic masters separate from Markab and its other planets. These have control and monitor lines into mainly American Secret Societies, government and finance.
    2. The group who want to remain loyal to Markab and take the planet for joining it to the Markabian Confederation of 7 planets (But it is also known that Markab itself has endorsed and accepted (finally) the Ethics Order on Xenu and have eased off on the mental enslavement plans, but are still carrying out the Political and Financial plans.) This group is based in Europe, and their control of Secret Societies, Banking and Politics is centered in Switzerland (and Strasbourg and Brussels).
  3. Evidence of the above split of thund guilty as charged and sentenced to be last few months in the stories concerning conflicts over banking, economic and political matters in New Zealand, France, England, Spain, Denmark, America, South Africa, Sweden, Germany, Italy and African Middle East and Latin and South American countries. These stories, which you can read in your newspapers, seem puzzling - as if something is not being said - or a motive being concealed.
  4. (Just look for the apparently insane and crazy actions and statements)...These are all evidences of a major battle going on behind the scenes by the two factions for control of your planet.

  5. There are Markabians of the "wait and see" type and other "think-alikes" among the Earth hierarchy who are even considering a 3rd Alternative - they want to either "take over" or "come to terms with" the New Civilization Game and Free Zone Decree.
  6. Now is the time to get busy with your own New Civilization Political Parties and Free Zone Planet activities so that Earth is in control of her own destiny and is being cared for by her own loyal people. Don't let the "drop out" Markabians and "think-alikes" beat you to the punch by putting up their "own idea" of a New Civilization! The Game is for you, the freedom-loving people of Earth to play and win. The right time is now.

(This information and other New Civilization program information on Radio New Civilization is brought to you by the Galactic Patrol Sector 9.)

Dateline: January 1986

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