The Free Zone Association (German: Freie Zone e.V.) is an international association, registered in Germany. Its goals and purposes are explained in the “Selfdescription” and the "Statutes". Don't confuse it with the Free Zone in general. We represent the members and affiliated groups of our association, which grew bigger and bigger over the past years.

The "Free Zone" formed itself in the beginning of the 80's, to be more precise, in the days when the RTC (Religious Technology Center) took over the Church of Scientology. This was from 1982 on, when thousands of CofS members left the Church or were expelled by the RTC.

Our general opinion is that Scientology, represented by the CofS, has departed far from its original philosophy and technology. But discover this for yourself by reading our pages. Based on the information at hand we can safely conclude, that today's Church of Scientology is not what L. Ron Hubbard originally intended.

In 1952 LRH gave the PDC (Philadelphia Doctorate Course) Lectures. In No. 20 of these lectures called "Formative State of Scientology" he says": (quote)

Another one:

We believe it is the "master of thinking" in the Church. The "Scientology Church" itself as a group, and "money", right now seem to be more important than Scientology itself. Only a few decent and dedicated staff members, who really try to help its individual members, keep it alive. 

In the Free Zone we try to keep up the old "spirit" of Scientology. We don't need a "big management" and hierarchies. In actual fact, the best management, beside knowledge, is a high level of friendship, competence and responsibility of and for its members. Now and in the new Millennium we hope to contribute to a better civilization... as LRH said in the last sentence of the Factors:

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