ca. 1983

(The following letter was received from Merrill Mayo. Merrill is a Class XII, trained by LRH, and called by him "the miracle worker". She was Auditor of the Year three years running for the highest number of auditing hours.

Currently, she is working at the Personal Efficiency Center, 3485 University Ave, Riverside, California, CA 92501, USA.

Dear Friends,

Since I have been very closely associated with David Mayo for over 20 years, I feel I should write to you all in support of David and what he has done and is currently doing.

David's contribution to Scientology and to thousands of people in his forwarding of LRH's tech has been very considerable indeed over many years.

Having trained as an auditor under LRH on the 1962 SHSBC, David then trained and was interned by LRH on the Flagship in the early 70's. LRH turned over his Senior C/S hat to David in 1973. While we were on the ship, LRH inspected many many of the folders David C/Sed (and ones I'd audited, too) - LRH always made a point of keeping his eye on the tech during those years - and those products David turned out were excellent, by LRH's own inspection.

David, as Senior C/S at the Flag Land Base up until August 1978, personally supervised every program of every single preclear who went there and continued to uphold the standard of Ron's tech. The tremendous amount of case gain made at Flag by many hundreds of preclears in those years was due to David's insistence on LRH's tech being applied exactly - that IS what gives excellent case gain, the tech applied exactly. And this was David's responsibility. These very results are concrete evidence of his application of LRH's tech.

David, along with others, trained, interned and crammed many auditors and C/Ses who reached a very high calibre of technical performance. Thus, Flag became known as "The Mecca of Technical Perfection" in the 70's. One cannot deny the actual results that were achieved at that time.

In my own personal experience as an auditor in the Flag HGC, David would never discuss tech with me. His statement was: "You're responsible for knowing the tech, and if you have confusions, look it up or take yourself to the Cramming Officer. Never ask me for Tech, I'm not source." And he held to this without deviation.

In late August of 1978, David was called away from Flag to audit LRH. Then LRH made him Senior C\S International. When LRH discovered and formulated NED for OTs, David worked with him very closely on this research. David also got people trained to audit and C\S it and got it delivered to the public, and again the same was done for Solo NOTs later. In late 1980 and early 1981, given the data of the Happiness Rundown, David assisted LRH in getting this data put into an auditable rundown, testing it and piloting it until it was ready for public. He personally, for 6 weeks, trained auditors and C\Ses from all over the world. This produced a huge resurgence in the Orgs. These are a few of the specific products David has helped LRH with. The tech is LRH's. The exact implementation of that tech is what David has done.

SO ED 2344 Int, 20 Aug. 1983 "The Story of a Squirrel: David Mayo" gives an entirely different picture. How could so many people have gained so much from David's help? What can one say about such an issue? There are a few points in that ED that I could personally make a specific statement about, as I was there at the time working closely with David in his office when they occurred, which I'll point out briefly. Just for example: On the Kingsley Wimbush "de-dinging" technique, David never condoned this action; quite the reverse, he and the Qual Sec Int coordinated on a program to correct and handle it; another point, David didn't C\S his own folder, nor order his auditor on what to run - another Case Supervisor C\S'd his folder (who also got removed from post at exactly the same date David and the rest of the Snr C\S Int Office got removed), nor did David arrange to have his folder or parts of it sent around to anyone; quite to the contrary, an exec in CMO Int physically wrenched David's pc folder from the auditor's arms despite that auditor's protest that this exec was not qualified to look at the folder as he wasn't on NED for OTs - I was present when this occurred and I also couldn't prevent it. David certainly did not deliberately mis-C\S my case nor did he do any of the other points stated in that paragraph, nor was there any sexual misconduct. Thought a little clarification of a few points might help to enlighten you just a bit on the nature of that ED.

LRH was correct in placing David in the Snr C\S position. In my 20 years of working in Scientology Orgs, I have never seen any person so dedicated to LRH, his tech and the furtherance of Scientology for all mankind as David has been. His belief in the basic goodness of man has never faltered and his attempts to free that goodness have never abated. He has worked ceaselessly to carry forward LRH's intentions. His written comm line with LRH was cut off by senior execs and his efforts to continue furthering LRH's tech were abruptly stopped on August 29, 1982.

In April 82, there was a letter to David from LRH which I read, in which LRH talked about his expectancy of leaving his body in the not-too-distant future. He said that the responsibility for the tech and for his technical hats for the next 20 to 25 years would be David's. LRH was not mistaken in entrusting David with this and David, prevented from carrying forward this trust within the Church of Scientology, is nevertheless persisting in his efforts to see that people do get Ron's tech as it is intended by Ron's own writings.

David is concerned for the purity and the standardness of the tech and no one but LRH himself is so qualified as David to safeguard and ensure the tech is carried forward correctly. Many of us are helping.

You CAN carry on up the levels with trust and confidence. As Ron says in MY PHILOSOPHY, "wisdom is meant for anyone who wishes to reach for it." The gains to be had are available to you.

Please get in touch with us. We are here to help you.

Much love,

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