Capt. Bill Robertson - Galactic Mission

A few words about Captain William Branton Robertson, who was also called Capt. Bill, or simply CBR for Capt. Bill Robertson.

Bill was born in 1936 and passed away in 1991. His obituary can be found here.

Beside his technical qualification in Scientology, Bill distinguished himself by his enormous ability to perceive and evaluate situations and circumstances concerning mankind from an "intelligence"-viewpoint. And this was his basic objective when he came to Europe in the beginning of the 1980s. Bill initiated the OT-Committee and brought people together to deal with the problems of mankind.

He experienced the attacks against Hubbard and Scientology first hand and he also reported about it FN06. But these attacks didn't only relate to Scientology but to the whole of mankind. It became more and more clear that some really bad intentions were at work.

This was the time when items like Freemasons, Illuminati, Bilderbergers, etc. popped up.

Finally Bill presented an analysis showing that earth was infiltrated by an invisible force, pushing its fate. He published it in the Sector Operation Bulletins (between 1982 and 1984). In doing so, he also resorted to information Hubbard came up with in previous research.

One has to keep in mind that "infiltration" contrary to "invasion" is always a covert operation. Many might recall the movie "Independence Day" when an alien force tried to conquer Earth. This was an invasion. It was visible to everyone and one could fight it. Now imagine this as an infiltration. This would be a complete different challenge for Earth. The dimension and consequences only become visible today. John F. Kennedy warned about it and demanded media to investigate and reveal it FN07. And when Donald Trump talked about the "invisible enemy" in 2020, he was not just referring to the virus.

In this infiltration a power-structure becomes visible known as Globalists. Their plans can be analyzed. The do not promise anything good for mankind. And the more these structures and intentions are brought to light, the more freedom of speech is suppressed. Internet platforms are being censored and truth seeking individuals are banned.

We have two different viewpoints here. On the one hand there is homo sapiens with an average lifespan of 70 years, who was vaccinated with the idea of being mortal. And on the "dark side of the force", to express it in Star Wars terms, this consciousness is alive and active. This side is thinking and planning in terms of centuries not to say millennia.

The term "timetrack" emerged when Hubbard, through his analysis-procedure called "auditing", ran into the phenomenon, that problems an individual has in present time, in quite a few cases can only be solved by confronting traumatic incidents in former lives. In comparison to a car, this might be the overall experiences of the driver... not only related to his present car.

Thus it of course follows, that parallel to the individual timetrack there is a collective timetrack too. It means that as mankind we also have a common timetrack of traumatic incidents. It could be a regionally limited war or it could have had an impact on the whole of humanity.

Bill summarized this in the Sector Operation Bulletins (SOBs). SOB 12 shows the structured war against Scientology and SOBs 19-21 show the control-structures of Earth.

Middle of the 1960s Hubbard identified the being called "Xenu" as the one responsible for the suppression of Earth. It is the key figure we find in today's Satanism. Correspondingly, when Bill talks about Xenu and Markab, he is talking about the control structures becoming visible today. Thus one should not get hung up in names.

So... what about these Sector Operation Bulletins?

In about 1965, as Bill stated, he found out that he was able to communicate with Ron telepathically and that he coordinated his actions with him since 1981 FN08. Between April and June 1982 Bill received communication-instructions from Ron and put them down as SOBs 1 - 11.

These SOBs describe the importance of Earth in relation to this Sector of the Galaxy, called Sector 9. In SOB 19 he elaborated on that. It became clear that the Galactic Central had an eye on Earth and that she is now protected against foreign interference by a "Non-Interference Decree" and also that the Galactic Patrol (Military or Police Force) is monitoring this area. The person known as L. Ron Hubbard in his terrestrial body is called Elron Elray on the other level and Earth is known as Teegeeack.

One might ask the question "how does anybody get to this?" The answer is relatively simple. The more somebody frees himself from present life problems, the more he is able to confront subjects previously barred from view. Access to space and time increases enormously. Or to put it in other words... overwhelmed by own problems nobody is able to think outside the box. This is the effort of the so-called "elite" to keep people introverted so they cannot see problems on a higher level FN09.

Until his death, Bill researched these control structures extensively and demonstrated ways to deal with and resolve them.


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