The Works of

Capt. Bill Robertson

also known as Senior C/S RON'S Org

His lectures and seminars are also available as print version, in 4 books.
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Video/Audio Lectures

Video or Audio on Youtube and/or Dailymotion/freezone

1983-10: Crown Hotel Meeting - East Grinstead,

1983, 12.11.: Convention in Marbella - Spain

1984, 10.8., Convention in Halmstad - Sweden

1984-1985, Technical Briefings

1984, 27.10., Telepathy Seminar

1987-1989, Administrative Briefings

1988, The New Civilisation Convention

1990, Famous People I have known (LRH)

1990, 3.3., UFO Lecture, Strasburg, France

1990, 23.6., The Dynamics, France

1990, 30.6.-1.7., Your Dynamics in the 90s, Switzerland

1990, 1.-2.9., Logic in Life

1990, 1.-2.12., Improving Conditions in Life

1990, 8.12.: Body Org Basics (France)

1991, 16.-17.2., Body Org Basics Seminar (Switzerland)

1991, 23.2., Exchange and Finance, Germany


Samples from the Music-CD: "Astar"



19 Music Cassette Albums
150 music pieces done by Capt. Bill, known as Astar, handwritten originals in booklet  form.

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