2 January 1984

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Hello again, it's January 1984. It's been six months since we did the last tape and we thought it was time, with all the new information that we've gathered, to put a new tape together.

This tape is going to be divided into four parts. The first part is going to cover some church history with an eye toward de-mystifying the locations of the ship, the locations of church headquarters and where Ron has been living during the past approximately fifteen years.

Part two of the tape is going to take a look at key moments in church history, that is, those moments that have led to the take-over of the church by the RTC, and principally, by the individuals David Miscavige and Pat and Annie Broeker.

Part three is going to take a look at those management personnel, we're going learn a little bit more about them, a little bit more about their Scientology background, their educational background and their history in the church.

Part four of the tape is going to cover Ron's Journal 38. We're going to take a look at the stats and the statements on that tape and we're going to look at the question of whether or not the voice you hear on that tape is or is not LRH.

Over the years, there has been a lot of interest and a lot of mystery surrounding the ships that belong to the Sea Org, where they were, what they were doing and so on. So we thought we'd spend a few minutes and look into them.

The principal ship, the flagship of the fleet, was a ship called the Royal Scotsman. The Royal Scotsman was a converted channel ferry. That is a ferry that went back and forth across the English Channel. That ship was converted by the church into what was, in essence, a private yacht and it sailed on it's first major church expedition from the port of Southampton England on the 20th of November 1967.

Also in the church fleet were two other yachts. One was called the Enchanter, a much smaller vessel that was a sailing yacht equipped with auxiliary engines as well, and another converted commercial boat called the Avon River.

All three of the boats were in the Mediterranean during the bulk of the year 1968, and the flagship, that is The Royal Scotsman, spent the bulk of it's time near the island of Corfu. During the months of September through October 1968, the Class VIII lectures were given on that ship, on the Royal Scotsman, while it was stationed in Corfu and if you listen carefully to the tapes, and I hope you have the opportunity to hear them, you can hear harbor noises in the background, ship's horns and so on.

During the remainder of the year 1968 and the bulk of the year 1969, the ships continued to sail about on various missions in the Mediterranean. In September of 1969, the ships joined together at the island of Corfu. At that time, there was an attempt by the church to establish a Saint Hill and an AO on the island of Corfu. It was to be called the University of Philosophy.

On the 18th of November 1969, in a great PR move, the church decided to rename the three ships in honor of various Greek historical figures. The Royal Scotsman was renamed the Apollo, the Avon River was renamed Athena and the Enchanter, that had earlier been renamed Diana, was christened Diana, all in a big ceremony for the officials on the island.

From that point on however, things started to come apart. The ship had been traveling under an assumed name of the Operation Transport Corporation and that cover blew off. It was found out that the ship really was representative of the Church of Scientology.

Additionally, in the month of March of 1970, the newspapers were told by someone on the ship that the Greek government was endorsing the opening of this new church facility. Of course, the government was not endorsing the opening of that facility, and that made them quite angry. That, plus a combination of difficulties that were encountered in the harbor with the ship not observing proper etiquette, led to the ship being ordered out of Corfu harbor and all Scientologists and the staff, and so forth, ordered off the island in March of 1970.

During the remainder of the year 1970, the ship continued to sail about in the Mediterranean, but flap after flap in ports made it very clear that the ship was not going to be able to remain in the Mediterranean for long. In 1971, they spent the bulk of the year sailing in the East Atlantic, between the ports of and the countries of Morocco, and Portugal and Spain, sailing through such ports as Lisbon and Setubal. In Morocco, they landed in Tangiers, they sailed also to the island of Madeira and around in the Canary Islands.

During that time, the TRC, which was a translation unit, was set up in Tangiers and an estate was taken there where Ron and Mary Sue lived. This was good living quarters for them and that was a comparatively settled period of time.

The ship was put into dry dock in Lisbon in 1972 and it was there some time for repairs. During the time that the TRC was operating in Tangiers, a variety of missions were going back and forth to the capital city of Tangiers, Rabat. At the end of the year 1972, those missions would go sour. The stories surrounding why those missions went sour vary considerably, and it's really hard to know exactly why. But it seems clear that what those missions were doing was that they were spying on government officials, gathering up uncomplimentary information and that cover was blown off. No matter what occurred, on the 3rd of December 1972, the entourage with LRH was given 24 hours to leave the island.

During the day of December 3rd, all the papers, receipts and so forth that were there at the facility were shredded and burned, and at 5:00 PM, LRH got on a plane and flew to Lisbon, Portugal. There he was joined by Jim Denkelsey and Paul Preston and the three of them flew on to New York City. Within a couple of days they had taken an apartment in Queens, New York, in a building called the Executive. Queens, New York, by the way, is a suburb of New York City.

In February 1973, they moved to a larger apartment, again in Queens NY, on a street called Codwise Place. All three were operating under assumed names during that time. Jim Denkelsey was called Frank Morris, Paul Preston was using the name Don Shannon and LRH was using the name Lawrence Harris. LRH was working on the Volunteer Ministers Handbook at that time, a Guardian Office project called Snow White, and the photo checksheet on subject control. That is how to control the subject that you are photographing.

Ron remained in this area until September of 1973.

On September the 18th, he flew back to Lisbon and rejoined the ship. The ship continued at that time sailing about in the East Atlantic, again between the Canary Islands, Madeira and Portugal and Spain. In December of 1973, on the island of Tenerife, LRH breaks his arm, the recovery from that broken arm is going to be long and difficult and it will take approximately three months. This is a terribly unpleasant time for him and all of those people that are around him.

The ship will continue to sail around in the Eastern Atlantic until October 9th, 1974. On that day, the ship was in Madeira and that's the day of the now famous rock festival. The Apollo Stars, the musical group that traveled with the ship, were doing a concert in town. Those people assigned to the sound system for the Apollo Stars walked among the crowd listening to the sound, but also caught the idea that there was something going to happen at the ship that afternoon. No one was entirely clear as to exactly what it was.

They sent a message back to the ship. Now, the ship was on liberty at that time, which meant that about half the crew was ashore but LRH himself was on board.

What actually had happened was that a local newspaper man had uncovered the fact that individuals from the church had been spying on officials on the island. This had been exposed and an agitator had gotten together a group of people in a local park and had gotten them all fired up about the 'autre' CIA ((autre is French for other)), or the autre-cia as it was called, and that meant that they assumed that the ship was another CIA.

At any rate, late in the afternoon, a crowd gathered on the dock right below the Apollo. The docks there were made out of paving stones or cobbles and they began picking up these small stones and hurling them at the ship, and in fact, this stoning of the ship went on for some hours.

In an attempt to drive the crowd back, the sea hoses of the ship were gotten out. Those are hoses that pump sea water, and they were going to spray the crowd in order to drive it back further on the dock. Unfortunately, they were not able to gather sufficient water pressure to really do anything but infuriate the crowd by getting them wet and the crowd took all the rolling stock of the ship, the automobiles, the motorcycles and the bicycles and threw it all into the sea.

It seemed hopeless at that point, the ship simply dropped its lines and sailed away from the dock and dropped anchor a little ways away.

The following day, October the 10th, the ship took on food and fuel, announced to the port officials that it was going to be sailing to Buenos Aires and set off. That night, when it was dark, all lights on the ship were turned off and they changed their course to a north-westerly course headed for Charleston, South Carolina.

Their arrival there was to be a secret, they were going to be totally out of communication for the next ten days and would sail all those days with no radio contact, lights off and so on.

However, when the ship was about eight miles off the coast of Charleston, five miles outside the three mile limit, they received a radio message that the FBI was waiting for them on the dock. Their landing at Charleston was to be a secret and it was a mystery for sometime how the FBI found out they were coming. In fact, they found out because the Apollo Stars had a pre-mission which had been sent to Charleston, as they did to all the ports where the ship was headed, and announced broadly and set up musical performances for the Apollo Stars, told everyone the Apollo was coming in order to generate enthusiasm and excitement and that is how the FBI found out.

So, the ship turned and sailed to Bermuda. During the next few days, the Portugal telex relay offices of the church are raided. However, the Portuguese officials are held off and all the telexes and other materials are shredded and burned before they can fall into these quote unfriendly hands, close quote. Peter Warren was the person on the ship who was doing the spying operations that all these papers had to be burned and shredded to prevent the officials of various governments from seeing.

The idea was that the ships were trying to find a safe place. A safe place for Scientology would be a place where the government of a particular country, or at least of an island, would either endorse Scientology or promise to hold it safe from its enemies. When these ports would blow up or when the governments or officials of these places seemed reluctant to endorse Scientology, these spies of the church would go to work trying to dig up information on the officials that could either be used to, 1) find out why they were opposed to Scientology or 2) and the more likely of the two, could be used to blackmail them to indeed go ahead and endorse and/or agree to protect the church.

At any rate, the ship was in Bermuda for about two weeks and that caused a flap, they had to leave Bermuda and from there they sailed to Nassau. Again, they were in Nassau for about two weeks and that port flapped and they sailed on down into the Caribbean. During the bulk of the year 1975, the ship sails about in the Caribbean. It's a fairly quiet time, and although there are flaps in almost every port where the ship lands, for the most part those flaps are minor.

The only flap that was really a major flap was the flap in Trinidad and that was another occasion where the ship was ordered to be off the island and out of the port within 24 hours.

In the month of June or July 1975, while the ship is at the island of Curacao, LRH has a stroke. He's rushed from the ship, placed in the intensive care unit at a local hospital where he remains for two days and is thereafter moved into a private room in that same hospital where he stays for three weeks. For the next three months, he undergoes his recovery, he stays at a cabana-type bungalow which is part of the Hilton Hotel there on Curacao.

During the recovery, as he begins to regain mobility and strength, photo shoot missions are undertaken on the island, including the photos that you have seen in the front of the Volunteer Minister's Handbook. However, the ship is running out of ports, fuel is terribly expensive and the cost of maintaining and running the ship are absolutely oppressive and the decision is made that it's time to relocate on land.

In October of 1975, the ship sails to Freeport in the Bahamas and the crew is divided into three groups. The management group is flown to New York City where they establish a management post at what was called RONY, the Relay Office New York, that was on the fifth floor of the New York Org. A second group is flown to Miami and a third group is flown to what I think was Washington, DC. The remaining two groups, the Flag Service Org and the Photo Shoot Org, traveled by bus from wherever they landed, to Daytona. In late October of 1975, they collected in Daytona where they stayed in a motel on the beach. LRH took rooms in the hotel next door to that motel.

At this time, the group called the United Churches was established. United Churches was a front group that the church used for purchasing property in Clearwater, Florida. When the Fort Harrison Hotel was ready for use, the crew moved to the Fort Harrison and LRH moved to a block of apartments called King Arthur's Court in a small town called Dunedin, a small town north of Clearwater on Route 19A. A whole section of apartments was taken there and it was nicknamed UCE or United Churches Extension.

While LRH is staying there, he decides that he needs some new clothes and he gets in communication with a tailor from another small town nearby called Tarpon Springs. This tailor comes to visit him and begins measuring and fitting clothes for him and the two of them get into a discussion about science fiction. This tailor is a science fiction fan, knows of LRH's work and is very very excited to have met and shaken hands with LRH.

He goes back to Tarpon Springs and tells everybody he knows of his exciting afternoon. News of this travels rather quickly and the word gets back to a reporter on the St. Petersburg Times, a lady named Betty Orsini. She follows up the lead, discovers that LRH is, indeed, living in Dunedin, this small town quite near St. Petersburg, and blows the lid off the United Churches cover of the Church of Scientology purchase of the Fort Harrison and other buildings in downtown Clearwater.

This breach of security is, of course, unacceptable to LRH and in the middle of the night he, Jim Denkelsey, Kemma and Mike Douglas all head for Washington DC. There, an apartment is taken where LRH and this crew live for the next five to six months.

This is not the end of flaps, however, for UCE. For apparently, in their haste to leave, a box of guns was left behind. This box of guns had apparently entered the country illegally in a shipment of freight from the Bahamas to Clearwater that was part of the project of finally shipping all of the crew's materials back to the States.

Nonetheless, the church was eventually able to handle this flap, they paid a fine and surrendered some of the guns to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, as we understand it.

As we said earlier, LRH will stay in this apartment in Washington, DC for five to six months. During this time, another location is found for him in California and he moves to a location which is known as ASTRA. ASTRA was located in Culver City, California, a city which is part of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area near the Los Angeles airport.

This location of LRH was part of a three-part network of special telex links that were built out of special decoder boxes. There were three of them. The one where LRH was, was known as ASTRA, the one that was in Clearwater was originally called LECCW, which meant LRH External Comm Clearwater. That name was eventually changed to CECCW, or CMO External Comm Clearwater, in order to protect the untruth that LRH was not communicating with the church and was completely off the lines.

The third of these sites was known as Beta, which was the United States Guardians Office that was located in the Manor here in Los Angeles.

LRH was in ASTRA for approximately two months. He then moved to a location that was scouted and found for him by Duke Snyder, in a town called La Quinta. La Quinta is a town about fifteen miles east of Palm Springs, just west of highway 111. The location that was found was the Hacienda and the Hacienda was called Rifle. At Rifle was LRH, Mary Sue, the household unit, the messengers, Fred Hare, Ann and Jim Mulligan, Duke Snyder and Laurel and Fred Watson. The R factor on Rifle was that there was to be no connection with Scientology in any way. No books, no Scientology words and no Scientology conversation, everyone there had to use cover names.

The first months when LRH was at Rifle were spent principally relaxing and working in the gardens. This was a period of vacation time for him. He was working on targets that he had set for himself, in terms of improving his health, and toward the end of this two month period he had begun to be more active.

LRH remains in La Quinta through until July of 1977. As you may, recall on the 7th of July, 1977 the FBI raided the churches in Los Angeles and Washington, DC and Ron and Mary Sue spent the next week discussing exactly how they were going to handle their legal situation that had been created as a result of those raids. On the 15th of July 1977, LRH makes a decision to leave La Quinta.

With him, he takes DeDe Reisdorf, Clare Rousseau and Pat Broeker. Of course, we'll hear more of Pat later. They leave in the station wagon called Beauty in the middle of the night with their lights off. Once they are an adequate distance away, they turn their lights on and they make their way to Sparks, Nevada, a small town just east of Reno.

LRH is ill during the trip with stomach trouble and this is not a happy trip for anybody, particularly considering the circumstances under which it's being made.

They take a hotel in Sparks. Pat ((Broeker)) and Claire Rousseau, under assumed names, get married to each other. Both, of course, were already married. Claire Rousseau was married to David, and Pat was married, at that time, to his second wife, Trudy.

It takes a few days for them to get established, but Pat and Claire go out, they find an apartment, they furnish it, they get all the necessary pots, pans, food and so forth, and they all move into the apartment. The cover story is that Pat and Claire are this young married couple. LRH is their elderly uncle, and that, I think, DeDe is their cousin, something like that. At any rate, they are almost completely out of comm for nearly six months.

This is a time when LRH is working on his health. He takes long walks every morning and he works on the scripts for "Revolt In The Stars", the film that he wrote, and also the scripts for the Tech films.

After they'd been in Sparks a short time, cash was becoming a problem. So, Pat Broeker contacted Annie, his soon-to-be wife, who was the D/CO-CMO CW, that is, the Deputy Commanding Officer of the Commodore's Messenger Org in Clearwater. They arranged between them for one million dollars in cash to be taken from the church by Annie, who will meet Pat in the Los Angeles airport, where they will exchange suitcases. They will each have a matching suitcase. They'll meet each other. Each will be disguised in some fashion. They will then...Anne will travel back to Clearwater, Pat will travel back to Sparks and they will go through a variety of costume and disguise changes on the way.

The money, indeed, arrives at Sparks, but they're still uncertain as to whether or not the money has been adequately laundered, and so, they take the hundred-dollar bills, which is how the bulk of the money arrived, and they take it to the various casinos and break the bills into smaller ones as the money is needed.

They will stay in Sparks until the last day of December 1977 and then they will head back for Rifle in the town of La Quinta. On the second of January 1978, LRH arrives back. La Quinta, by the way, was called W, or WHQ. That stood for Winter Headquarters. It consisted of more than the Rifle Hacienda. It also included the Olive Trees Ranch, which was the hacienda immediately next door.

Additionally, since the film unit was now going to begin, additional property was needed. Two large ranches were located in Indio, California. One was a hundred and forty acres of grapefruit and date palms called Silver. The other was much smaller, a ten-acre grapefruit and date palm hacienda called Monroe.

The crew that was assembled to make the films would eventually live at Monroe. And in the middle of Silver, right in the middle of the grapefruit orchards, a huge barn would be built that would disguise its internal structure, which was actually a studio. The film crew, then called Cine, moved to the barracks in Monroe and work on the films began at that time.

However, in September of 1978, LRH has another major incident with his health. It's unclear as to whether or not he had had a heart attack or a stroke, but we do know that David Mayo, who was at that time the Senior CS Flag, was summoned from Flag to Rifle to audit LRH on assists and other actions.

LRH's physician, Dr. Gene Denk, was in attendance when David arrived. He pronounced LRH very seriously ill, with vital signs very, very low. He said that LRH's heart was arrhythmic, that is to say that it was not beating in a smooth, rhythmic fashion, and had prepared the facilities necessary to give him electric shocks to restart his heart in the event that it should stop. David was told that he could die at any moment.

LRH's folders were reviewed and an assist program was written. Ron was conscious at that time, but just barely, and could just barely speak. The assists went on for some weeks and LRH quite rapidly recovered. I think it's interesting to note that from those assists came the seeds that eventually became NOTS.

In October of 1978, SHQ, or Summer Headquarters, was purchased.

SHQ is the facility that is also known as Gilman Hot Springs and included that resort and also the motel known as the Massacre Canyon Inn, a foreshadowing name if there ever was one.

Both these facilities are located on Route 79 about six miles south of Route 10. To find them, if you find Palm Springs, California, they are about twenty miles to the west. Gilman Hot Springs included a twenty seven hole golf course and a variety of other facilities that would be appropriate to a resort. The total purchase price for both was 2.7 million dollars and the church paid for them in cash.

LRH had huge offices that were renovated and constructed for him at Gilman, as well as a house that was renovated for his use called 'Bonneyview'. However, neither of them were ever used. In March of '79, with LRH still staying at La Quinta, a flap occurred in terms of security. A member of the film crew blew and made threats about coming back with authorities and with a gun, and so forth. And so, LRH was forced to flee La Quinta.

He takes off with Mike and Kemma Douglas to a small community about twenty miles south of Riverside, California called Lake Elsinore. Lake Elsinore is actually a lake up in the San Bernardino mountains. There they take a trailer or an apartment or a small house, it's unclear, but they will stay there approximately a month or so.

The next LRH location is a place called X. X was an apartment rented in a small town called Hemet. Hemet is the town closest to Gilman Hot Springs, it's on Route 74 near the intersection of Route 79. Hemet and Gilman Hot Springs are just a few miles apart.

The apartment is behind the acupuncture clinic on Florida St., in downtown Gilman. Two apartments are taken there, one LRH lives in, one is for the messengers and the other people who accompany him. In late April 1979, David Mayo, who is at that time the Senior C/S International, is stationed at Gilman Hot Springs. He's called to come to X to again give assists and auditing to Ron. Ron has had a cancer operation on the front of his head and needs to have some assists, as anyone would I suppose, if they had an operation. The two worked together, doing the assists and later on refining the NOTS procedure.

We haven't said anything about Happy Valley, so it might be an appropriate time to speak of it just briefly. Happy Valley is a small facility about 8 miles west of Gilman Hot Springs. To get there, you have to travel through the Soboba Indian reservation. Happy Valley, by the way, is just it's nickname. The reason it got that name is because it has only one telephone and that telephone is about 100 yards away from where people sleep.

You see, when you are in the Sea Org, you can be awakened at any time in the day or night, to be put back on post, to do some work, to answer questions and so forth. Happy Valley got it's name because you could go there and sleep and actually be happy.

In February 1980, David Mayo and LRH are in constant communication.

Ron is now working on this Solo NOTS and is sending the folders and the daily sessions back and forth to David Mayo for him to see. David is also acting as Ron's review auditor on occasion when that's necessary. They have a few face to face meetings during this period of time, but at this moment, the Tampa Grand Jury is about to convene. LRH and the Broekers take off for parts unknown and that was the last time they were ever seen.

There have been some rumors as to where LRH has been since that time. The most likely of those rumors indicate that he's living in Laguna Beach. Since his physician, Gene Denk, has his offices here in Los Angeles, that seems a not unreasonable place. Given the fact that as anyone gets older, they need an increasing amount of medical care.

However, we've been unable to pin down a specific location and we've been unable to confirm the fact that Laguna is actually where he is living. Additional rumors have also circulated that his health has been poor during the last year or so and that perhaps he's had another stroke, but again, this is just another rumor and we've been unable to confirm it.

In Part II of this tape, we said we'd take a look at those key moments that brought the Broekers and Miscavige and, ultimately, the RTC into complete control of the church. I think that what is observable is that the Broekers and Miscavige, starting perhaps as early as 1977, begin to systematically eliminate all of LRH's comm lines except their own. Gradually, every single person with whom Ron has a comm line, including his wife and children, must communicate via the Broekers. Finally, the Broekers are the only ones in direct communication with Ron. And that, of course, is the situation in which we find ourselves today.

The first of these key moments occurs in October, 1975 when the Flag Land Base is established. At that time, Ron feels that he must go into seclusion and it is this concern and this worry about his being a secluded figure that makes him vulnerable to Pat Broeker.

Also at that time, Mary Sue, who is the Controller of the church, is, of course on financial lines, as is would be expected, and Pat Broeker is also on financial lines only from the viewpoint of the Sea Org, rather than from the viewpoint of the Guardian's Office. He and Mary Sue have some very significant flaps and she has him busted off several posts during this time.

On the fifteenth of July, 1977, after the Washington, DC raids, Ron leaves Rifle and goes into hiding with DeDe Reisdorf, Claire Rousseau, and Pat Broeker. This is the point where Pat Broeker establishes himself as a terminal to LRH and really impresses LRH with his ability to deal with and handle security. This also is the point where Pat begins to cut the communication line between LRH and Mary Sue by editing letters that are going back and forth between them.

Early in 1978, another one of these events occurs when Ron returns to Rifle. Mary Sue, who was under the close scrutiny of the FBI and the government as a result of the raids, and it was necessary for her to keep her address reported to the government, had to leave Rifle so that Ron's location would again be secure. Once again, this places other people as vias on the comm line between Ron and Mary Sue, because it was felt that Mary Sue's mail might be traced and followed back to LRH.

The next of these key moments occurs in September, 1978. That was the point at which LRH was taken so terribly ill, and Ron's "delicate" condition was yet another excuse to keep all this "bad news" off of his lines. This was an additional excuse that Ron's incoming communication could be further edited.

In mid 1979, Annie Broeker is the Deputy Commanding Officer of the Commodore's Messengers Org in Clearwater, Florida. Mary Sue is living in Florida at that time, and she's operating out of the Guardian's Office there. Annie is meddling in the Guardians Office's affairs and Mary Sue eventually has had it with her and forces her off the post. She gets busted for meddling in GO affairs and is sent back to INT as useless on management lines.

On September 1, 1979, the major change in church management occurs. The CMO International takes over all church management and the Watch Dog Committee is set up. I was always curious as to who was on the Watch Dog Committee and now I'll tell you. At that time, DeDe Reisdorf was the Chairperson, Gail Irwin was the Deputy Chairperson; Marc Yeager, David Miscavige, Ann Tasket and Lois Reisdorf were the members of the committee.

LRH orders at that time that messengers who hold management posts no longer stand watches. Standing a watch was that period of time when the messengers actually worked in LRH's presence handling his comm and doing other errands, and so forth, for him. The folks at INT, that is, at CMO INT, are ordered to send two messengers to work with LRH on a more or less permanent basis who are of no great value on management lines. The two people that are chosen are Pat and Annie Broeker.

Late in January of 1980, another important event occurs, and that is that Mike and Kemma Douglas, LRH's most trusted individuals in the household unit for many years, blow. That leaves behind, as the principle terminals working directly with LRH, Pat and Annie Broeker and also another young lady whose name is Clarise.

Late in February 1980, the Tampa Grand Jury really gets hot and LRH is indicted. This is another one of these key moments because LRH is about to flee. Now ordinarily, of course, he would have taken Mike and Kemma Douglas with him but they have just the month before blown. So the only people that are there, that he can see as being viable to take along with him are Pat and Annie Broeker. Now the plan is complete, that's the last time that LRH is going to be seen and Pat and Annie Broeker are essentially right in the middle of all the comm lines.

The next key moment in the church history comes in January of 1981, when a telex comes down to David Miscavige establishing, quote, Project All Clear. There are 35 liability cases against the church and a good many of them name LRH as a defendant. This All Clear Project is given top priority over all church business.

Included to be as part of this All Clear Committee will be David Miscavige, DeDe and Lois Reisdorf and Gail Irwin. Norman Starkey and Terri Gamboa will also be part of the project, with David Miscavige as the project operator. Because this is "so confidential and sensitive", David Miscavige forms a direct comm line to Pat Broeker, bypassing all of the CMO seniors that are above him and actually cutting out the whole CMO. This special comm line bypasses the Watch Dog Committee, the CO CMO, and David Miscavige begins to recruit additional people into this All Clear Committee.

David Miscavige will now systematically begin to eliminate all the other members of the All Clear Committee.

In June and July of 1981, David Miscavige and Pat Broeker, along with Annie Broeker, decide that the Guardians Office must be eliminated as an independent factor in the church. Around July the first, David Miscavige arranges a meeting with Mary Sue Hubbard, based on a lie. He calls her on the phone and implies that he has comm for her from LRH.

The two get together and he arrives, but the letter that he promised her simply didn't exist. What he did arrive with was a letter he had had written by the church attorneys, stating erroneously that Mary Sue's presence as the controller of the church endangered and implicated LRH in all church matters. Based on this letter and other conversations that the two of them had, Mary Sue was eventually persuaded to step down as the controller.

David Miscavige's exchanges with Mary Sue were extremely bitter, he brags at INT for some weeks thereafter about calling her a suppressive bitch and other names.

On the 7th of July 1981, twenty CMO missionaires are sent to Saint Hill and the Los Angeles Guardians Office simultaneously, in the hopes of simply taking over the Guardians Office. Now you must understand that both the CMO and the Guardians Office did their share of bad things while they were part of the church, but they did act to some degree as a check and balance on one another. This was going to be the elimination of that check and balance and was considered to be a very important operation.

In Los Angeles, the take-over goes smoothly until Jane Kember is encountered. Jane is, of course, the Guardian WorldWide. She's barricaded herself in her office and she simply refuses to be unseated. By hook or crook these missionaries manage to get an appointment with her and she is simply intractable. The missionaries leave, they telex back to INT and two individuals are sent from INT to Los Angeles, that is from Gilman Hot Springs to Los Angeles, to handle this situation.

What is decided is that a fake telex is going to be constructed, allegedly from LRH, that will order that Jane Kember step down and that the CMO take over the Guardians Office. This telex is typed on the spot by the missionaires from INT, put in a folder that contains other legitimate LRH telexes, and another meeting is arranged with Jane Kember.

This meeting comes off, she's given this folder to read, she looks through and is unable to distinguish the genuine LRH telexes, which it was presumed she could recognize from the bogus one, sees the telex ordering that she step down and that the CMO be allowed to take over the Guardians Office, and that action is done. That is the end of the Guardians Office and now the Commodore's Messenger Org and, ultimately, Pat Broeker, David Miscavige and Annie Broeker now run the entire church.

In January and February of 1982, the plans were laid to set up the Religious Technology Center and Author Services. The purpose of these two corporations, ostensibly, was to hold the trademarks in the event of LRH's death, and in the case of Author Services, to exploit LRH's written materials and to handle his other personal financial affairs.

What actually was accomplished is that the entire church and all Scientologists on a worldwide basis came under the authority of this Religious Technology Center by virtue of the fact that one's authority to use the trademarks could be removed at any time by this group, and that this put David Miscavige not only in charge of all of the church, but essentially, in charge of every single Scientologist on a worldwide basis. He could simply come down on any Scientologist that he chose to at will.

There was some concern that the trademarks of Scientology would pass into the public domain because LRH had been claiming that he'd been off management lines since 1966 and, as such, would not have been in a position where he was being responsible for and controlling the trademarks for all that period of time, that period of sixteen years.

The church attorneys were terrified that these trademarks would be eventually lost and, so, the RTC was a necessity. In fact, of course, what was also going on was that David Miscavige was individuating himself from the church because he feared that the church management structure would eventually find a way to remove him and by setting up the RTC and putting himself outside the reach of the church, he assured himself of a position that would be irrevocable.

In April of 1982, LRH became concerned about his own passing. He sent letters to certain key Sea Org personnel, including a letter to David Mayo, passing his technical hat for technical purity and research to David for the period LRH would be away picking up a new body and growing to adulthood for twenty or twenty five years.

Verification of that letter exists by way of an RTC missionaire, actually two of them, Kevin True and Neal O'Reilly, who, while discussing this matter with a couple of Scientologists in November of 1983, verified the existence of the letter. We'll play you a piece of that tape now.

"Yeah, he does have the Tech Hat. LRH gave him that. For the next twenty years, or whatever, something like that, in writing. That does exist. That's a fact. It did happen."

I trust that will lay to rest once and for all, any controversy over whether or not that letter actually exists. Now, because of the personal comm line which exists between LRH and David Mayo, it is necessary for the Broekers and Miscavige to find a way to break that comm line off.

Mayo, of course, was not a puppet of Broeker and Miscavige. He was an individual of fifteen years experience in the Sea Org, of vast amount of Tech training and was simply not putting up with the nonsense that these fellas were putting down the lines.

Evidence of the fact that David Mayo was not going along with the Miscavige/Broeker nonsense is that when the results of the sec checks on Pat Broeker were sent up lines and, of course, were cut off, both the Broekers and Miscavige were highly put out at David Mayo for putting this kind of nonsense on LRH's lines. David Mayo, of course, simply would not play along.

The next of these major events, these key events, comes in June of 1982. Pat Broeker orders the setup of the Finance Police with Wendell Reynolds as its dictator. Reynolds, after being on post a week or so, sends to the CO CMO INT, at that time John Nelson, a telex which was six feet long requesting the transfer of more than 250 of the top church executives all into the Finance Police. Fortunately, Nelson scuttles this.

This, of course, is the beginning of the end for Nelson.

Around the same period of time, June of 1982, both Broeker and Miscavige resign their positions in the Sea Org and are now full-time non-Sea Org members running the RTC and Author Services. During the months of July and August of 1982, virtually every senior church executive, except those that are in the influence of Broeker and Miscavige, are pulled off post, comm-eved, and for the most part, declared and expelled.

Here's a brief list of the senior executives that were pulled off post. This list is not all-inclusive, but I'll give you the highlights: John Nelson, CO CMO International; Kerry Gleason, Executive Director International; Allen Buchanan, Deputy Executive Director International; Moe Samuels, CO of the CMO for Special Unit, that's Gilman Hot Springs; John Axel, Watch Dog committee member for SMI, that's the Scientology Missions International; Roger Barnes, the ED of Scientology Missions International; Pat Hunter, the LRH Communicator International; Bess Sullivan, the CO of the Flag Operations Liaison Office, or FOLO, for east U.S.; Emil Gilbert, Commanding Officer for FOLO of Canada; Chris Stevens, Command Officer of the Special Unit; Peter Warren, DIV 6 Executive International; Jay Horowitz, who is the OEC FEBC Supervisor at Flag; Julie Gilespie, who is staff of the Senior C/S International's Office; and David Mayo, the Senior C/S International, himself.

All of these individuals were taken out to Happy Valley, they were variously put on the running program, and so forth, and that was the end of church and management outside the influence of the Broekers and Miscavige. Along with these individuals, every CO of every FOLO and every commanding officer of every US Org has been Comm ev'd and replaced. Of the fourteen people I named off, almost all of them have been excommunicated; John Nelson was excommunicated, Kerry Gleason, Allen Buchanan, Mo Samuels was given twenty years of no-services in the church and a conditional excommunication, John Axel was ordered to get two thousand new people into the church before he'd be eligible for service again, Rodger Barnes was excommunicated, Pat Hunter was given a conditional excommunication, Bess Sullivan was conditionally excommunicated, Emil Gilbert was excommunicated, Chris Stevens had to get in one thousand new people and was also conditionally excommunicated; Peter Warren was to get in two thousand new people and was, also, conditionally excommunicated; Jay Hirwitz was excommunicated; Julie Gilespie was given no-services for 20 years and was conditionally excommunicated; and David Mayo, of course, was excommunicated. Gives you an idea that the elimination of this entire management team was very important, and, of course, was completely accomplished.

In Part III of this tape, we thought we'd take a look at some of the senior management people and find out a little bit more about them. Pat Broeker is approximately 33 years old. He's a high school graduate and actually has had a little bit of college. He's had virtually no Tech training at all. He's been married three times...four times, if you include the time under fictitious names in Sparks, Nevada. He's currently married to Annie Broeker, and also to Claire Rousseau.

He has a very checkered post history, but his posts have principally been in finance. Of course, he was a Financial Courier. He was the Flag Banking Officer for Boston. And he was the Chief of Sea Org Reserves. He was busted off virtually every post he held. Pat is deeply into security and into spy-vs-spy. And his nickname in the Sea Org has, for a long time, been 007. He's really enchanted with all spy paraphernalia and gear. He reads spy novels, both fiction and nonfiction books about security and security systems and materials, and it's virtually an obsession with him.

Annie Broeker is approximately 29 years old. She's been a Messenger since 1969. She has education through the seventh (7th) grade, NO Tech training of any kind, and has only recently started on OT 3. She's about 5'6", 120 lbs., which, by the way, makes her a little taller than David Miscavige. She's held a variety of admin posts but most of them came to unfortunate ends.

In 1978, she was busted off the CO CMO International post for gross incompetence. Later, in 1979, she was busted off the post as Deputy Commanding Officer of the CMO of Clearwater by Mary Sue. And there was some bad blood between them at that point. She has a history of disassociating her units or areas from the church. I think that's interesting, in light of what's going on currently. She, of the two, of she and Pat, is the more powerful and competent. She's cold, distant, and has little respect for mothers, according to those people who I've interviewed who know her. She calls Pat the 'House Husband', and he very often checks with her before making any decision of any consequence at all.

Both Pat and Annie were made Watch Messengers during late 1979, or early 1980, because they were useless on management posts. It certainly is ironic to find them now, both, as the most Senior Management Terminals in the church and the Religious Technology Center.

David Miscavige is aged 24. He's a Provisional Class IV auditor and his education in public school goes up to the seventh grade. He's about 5'4''tall and he weighs about 130 pounds. He's had a variety of nicknames in the Sea Org but most of them center around his not being especially tall.

David Miscavige is completely devoted to LRH. The Broekers used that devotion to get David Miscavige to perform all manner of distasteful acts. Of course, he is capable of acting distastefully on his own. The Eyes Only dispatch which circulated around that was allegedly from David Miscavige to Marc Yeager, the CO CMO INT, that calls for the squashing of the squirrels and was loaded with four-letter words and strings of invectives, whether or not it is genuine, is nonetheless representative of communication from Miscavige at that tone level. He can get things done by fear and intimidation and yelling, etcetera. It has been said that the most recent church activities, the period of high pressure, high force activities is simply a dramatization of David Miscavige's influence.

I've had the opportunity to interview a few of his past seniors and they report that he has the tendency to wild excesses and constantly needs supervision. Having him in this position where he is virtually unsupervised on management lines causes those people who know him well great concern. To give you some idea of the excess, as well as the control over church finance lines and church personnel that the Broekers and Miscavige have, I thought I would tell about an activity that went on out in Gilman Hot Springs in May of 1982.

At that time, a clipper ship with three full-sized masts was constructed around the swimming pool there at Gilman Hot Springs. The cost of building the mock clipper ship was over a half million dollars in materials alone, over five hundred and sixty five thousand dollars was spent. All the labor, of course, was Sea Org personnel. This is a rather strange expense, I'm sure you'd agree, to build a ship out in the middle of the California desert. Nonetheless, the expenses of the project was authorized by David Miscavige and Pat Broeker. Neither of whom, by the way, have any known position in the church.

The amazing clipper ship can be seen by anybody. All you have to do is drive out there. It's on Hwy. 74, just south of Hwy. 10. The church will even offer tours of the ship to visitors on request. Allegedly, the purpose of the ship was to entertain VIPs, and yet, Gilman Hot Springs is the church's top-secret location. It doesn't make any sense, whatsoever, why there should be this VIP tourist attraction located in a top-security location. And what possible purpose could it have had for this expenditure of half a million dollars in church money?

Another example of this kind of excess comes up in a newspaper article from the Knight-Ridder Newsservice called 'Church of Scientology Buys Into Oklahoma Oil Co.' What has happened is that the church has invested about 3.3 million dollars into an Oklahoma oil company called HG&G. The church now apparently owns about 25% of this small exploration company that was formerly known as Highlands, Goodall, & Grear. The article says, 'after failing to interest industry investors or conventional lending sources, HG&G sold an interest in the company to Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc., a counseling and training arm of the church in Clearwater, Florida.' I think what's interesting is when a local newspaper in the Florida area went and talked to Ron Norton, who's the CO of the Flag Service Organization, he said he knew nothing about it.

The article goes on to say, 'Goodall said the religious organization purchased a 25% interest for an undisclosed price. It was tied to a promise to lend financial support for drilling activities', he said. In other words, what the church is going to be doing is giving more money to this oil company for additional drilling as well. I find that is a rather difficult piece of information to swallow, in light of another piece of paper that I have in front of me, SENIOR HCO PAC ETHICS ORDER # 145, dated the 2nd of January 1984. It's addressed to all PAC, that's Pacific Area Crew and it calls for a Board of Investigation. Do you know what this Board of Investigation is to investigate? It's to investigate why the staff is on rice and beans. It talks about finding out what orgs are and are not paying the CESO for their meals and if there is any reference or issues specifying the issue of rice and beans on a daily basis.

My information is, that the staff members in the Pacific Area have been on rice and beans for over a month. I find it shocking and appalling that the church can put 3.3 million dollars into oil wells but it can't even feed it's staff. I'm sorry to branch out into opinion on this, I've been trying to just simply report the facts to you as I found them, but that particular story really gets to me.

At the beginning of the tape I promised we'd talk a bit about Ron's Journal 38 and I'm prepared to make good on that promise at this point. The first question that I think is worthwhile to address is whether or not the voice on the tape is LRH or not. I'm not sure if it's especially important to be absolutely honest with you. As we'll show you here, the bulk of the statistics and the information which is quoted on the tape lacks significantly in credibility. If that voice is the voice of LRH, it is very clear that Broeker and Miscavige and the RTC individuals have been feeding Ron a wide variety of false statistics. If the voice is that of an actor or some other person that is being substituted, well, that person is just being used as a via for the lies. We're having a voice print done so we should know in the not-too-distant future exactly what the story is.

Early on in the tape, the voice says that there's this war going on against the squirrels and that a preliminary injunction has been won in San Diego, California against the California Association of Dianetic Auditors. This is 'the first victory against the squirrels based on trademarks'. Although, I would like to point out that a preliminary injunction is a court document that is issued simply on request, it is preliminary to any hearing of facts, and that this is not a victory at all, but merely a preliminary step to a trial which is coming up in February of this year. If the judge in that instance were to hear that the church is claiming this as some sort of unequivocal victory, I am certain that he would be most displeased. In addition, it said this preliminary injunction has 'shut this person down'. First of all, this person is not a squirrel, but purely a splinter, and second of all, they are not shut down at all, but as a matter of fact they are doing better than ever.

The tape goes on to mention that the Perth, Australia group (that is the group run by Eddie Mace in Perth, Australia) is under attack, squirrelly on the defense and has been reduced to next to nothing. That is an absolute and complete fabrication! After all, why would it be necessary for the church to attack something which was next to nothing? The group was formerly a mission. The RTC went into that mission, ripped it up, was really abrasive and rude and dreadful to the people there, and consequently, the management of that mission simply decided that they were going to leave the church. Since leaving the church, they've had to move to larger quarters, they're now delivering the entire bridge and their stats have increased between 4 and eight fold, just since the Spring. Eddie Mace and his crew have just really done a splendid job down there.

I'd like to point out something that I think is significant in this tape. There's the following quote on the tape: 'RTC is promoting their services internationally and is getting the reputation as being the place to get your case run on Standard Tech, when all else fails'. I'm curious about that. Has the RTC become a tech delivery unit? Apparently so. I understood that it was, according to it's own publications, created to ensure that standard tech was being applied worldwide. Apparently, it has failed because if that quote is to be believed, it's set itself up as a tech delivery unit and it says that you can go to them if all else fails. I thought they were responsible for making sure that all else didn't fail. This bears watching. Here's just one more via between the public and LRH.

I heard quite a number of complaints of people that felt that the endless quoting of stats on the tape made it boring and so I'm going to do the very best I can not to spend a long time futzing with the stats but, I think they are an indication of the degree to which the false information is either being given to LRH to give to us, or is being given to actors to pass on to us.

The stats internally, that is, within the tape itself, if you take time to compare one stat to another, are not consistent. And if you compare those stats with other known sources of statistics such as the SMI International stat sheets, you will find that the stats, stat sheets, are highly exaggerated or overblown, grossly overstated or simply, utterly false.

As an example, let's have a look at the Class IV Org stats. According to the tape, the number of people who started on Dianetic or Scientology services during 1983 was 52,056, or about a thousand and one people per week. Yet, in the same section, the Division Six stats say that the new people in per week was 14,000 and the number of people that completed free introductory services every week was 4,500. I'd like to point out that if 14,000 come in and 4,500 complete free introductory services, that's only 32%. Not a really terrific statistic. Now of the 4,500 that apparently complete free introductory services, only a thousand and one actually go on and start a paid service. So over all, of the 14,000 new people in per week only a thousand and one will ever end up on a service, that's only about 7%. If that isn't living proof that high prices are destroying the church, I don't have any idea what is. And what happens to the nearly 13 thousand people every single week who wander away?

Taking a look at total international delivery, the number of new starts for the year was apparently 417,311. These are people that started on the bridge. Dividing that out into weeks that comes to about 8025 people per week. Earlier we learned that a thousand and one started out at Class IV Orgs so my question to you is, where did the other 7 thousand and 24 start? They certainly didn't start in missions because the Scientology Missions International stats sheets show a total average first service starts at about 400 per week. Therefore, 6600 new people are not covered. That statistic is utterly false.

Per the tape, 53 new missions started up in 1983 for a total of 168, this is another false statistic. According to the Scientology Missions International stat sheets, 26 new missions actually started in 1983 but there were 27 missions that closed up. The total missions at the beginning of the year was 60, the total at the end of the year 59, not 168.

Beyond this, the mission network has been financially gutted, virtually every major stat is significantly down. Gross income is down by over 70%, well done auditing hours down 70%, student points down more than 50% and first service starts are down almost 80%, and why? Because the power-house missions, the ones with money, were the ones that were hit by the finance police and the RTC.

In 1983, over half of all of the missions, 55%, had a weekly gross income of $500.00 per week or less. That mission network is absolutely decimated and we have the current management to thank for it. The significance of all of this, of course, is that beyond the stats on the tape being questionable, the obvious is that the management is driving the church into the ground.

Let's go ahead now and take a look at the book wins. According to the tape in 1983, Class IV Orgs sold an average of 5,000 books per week. If you multiply that out, that comes to 260,000 books per year. Yet the very next statement is: that the total number of books and tapes sold in 1983 by orgs and missions was 1 million. I would ask the following question: Who sold the other 740,000 books? And the answer wasn't the missions.

One other stat that wasn't quoted had to do with the Modern Science of Mental Health Sales Campaign. You know the Dianetic Book Campaigns with the ads on TV? They sold almost 250,000 books during the year. Unfortunately, the advertising program cost is in excess of 6 million dollars. That's 24 dollars for every book sold, that's what your fees buy. We could have given away twelve books for every book we sold and still come out financially ahead.

A little later on in the tape there's a series of beeps and boops and then there's this line, apparently, that's been established with International Publisher's Computer Network. Well, I checked with Publisher's Weekly, that's the major publishing organ for the whole publishing industry and a couple of other friends I have in the publishing industry, and none of them have ever heard of such a network. That's simply the figment of somebody's imagination. Moreover, the operator says that "if they don't read and acknowledge it, that is the network, they won't be able to clear the interlink". As a computer professional, I can tell you that any system that cannot be controlled by the operator is not much of a system.

A little later on in the tape is this quote; the operator says, "based on sales and public demand, the whole book trade internationally acclaims L. Ron Hubbard the undisputed all-time leader in this field". The field being referred to, of course, is the field of science fiction. Well, I checked with Publisher's Weekly and again with my friends in the publishing industry and they uniformly said to me, well, what about Isaac Asimov, what about Arthur Clark, what about Robert Heinlin, what about Gordon Dixon. What they said, generally speaking, was THAT was what in the sales industry is called 'puffing'; that is blowing air around. It's a nice thing to say about Ron, his science fiction accomplishments certainly are noteworthy, but that statement is purely fiction.

I don't think it's important or productive to continue to tear the tape apart line by line, but I assure you that it can be done. The Tech, and Scientology as a movement, cannot survive in the sea of lies produced by current management. The public sees what goes on. Staff on rice and beans, living at or below the poverty level, certainly does no great shakes for the Tech.

The current management is willing to say anything to anybody, even to Ron, if it forwards their own ends. They've spread rumors that I've had pneumonia, that's a lie, that I'm coming back to the church, that's also a lie, that David Mayo has brain tumors, that's a lie, that he has cancer, a lie and more lies and more lies. By the way, David Mayo who I just saw yesterday, is in absolutely the very best of health.

His center is growing at a rate that even the RTC is envious of. As a matter of fact, since they opened, they've out-grown their first two sets of quarters and I predict they'll out-grow their current quarters in another six months, maybe less.

Well, we're coming to the end of this tape and I thought I would put in a few thoughts of my own that perhaps would be useful to you. A number of people have asked me how I came to my decision to leave the church and I have to tell you that it's based on the axiom that intelligence is the ability to evaluate relative importance. If you take a look at the technology of Scientology, including both the red on white and the green on white, and you compare that in importance to how important the organization is as an entity, I came to the conclusion that the technology was hundreds and hundreds of times more important than the organization. If you have the technology, you can build any kind of an organization you want. I took a look at the current management and realized with gang-bang sec checks, with alterations of the bridge and the technology that we've known so well for so many years, that the current management was willing to sacrifice the technology in order to save the organization. I'm not. I'm willing to sacrifice the organization to save the technology. Over the decades, over the millennia, we'll see who made the right choice.

The research and the investigation goes on, so keep your eyes open for a new tape, there will be another one in the not-too-distant future. Let me leave you with these few lines from Edward Yewshinsky. These were found for me by a very dear friend and I think they're just the right thing to end this tape.

Fear not your enemies for they can only kill you, fear not your friends for they can only betray you, fear only the indifferent who permit the killers and betrayers to walk safely on the earth.

John Zegel

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