Sector Operations Bulletin No. 7

OT Projects

060582-02 1215 GMT

All personnel taking part in OT Projects must attest:

  1. That they are in agreement with the project purpose.
  2. That they have no connections to governments, political parties, or other groups which are antagonistic or would interfere with the project, its purpose, or would resist creating a new civilization, clearing people, broadly making OTs, etc., so as to completely avoid conflicts of interest.
  3. That they are not joining the project only for personal gain or status. However, they may of course expect to be rewarded on successful completion of viable projects.
  4. That they will submit to hatting as required by Sector Operations Bulletin No. 5 and whatever additional hatting may be required by the Project Director or I/C.
  5. That they recognize the need for security and will keep it in and thus remain trustworthy.
  6. That they will endeavor to continue up the Bridge consistent with the demands of project activities and priorities which may be set from time to time.
  7. That they are doing the above and any project actions on their own determinism and freedom of choice.
  8. That they fully understand that anyone desiring to leave or leaving a project once started must forfeit any expected rewards and has no claim on cooperation from the rest of the group. A person may be reimbursed the exact amount of any monies invested if he so desires but will be ineligible for further project duties in the future. (Note: This rule does not apply to a person called away to handle a family or business situation, etc. - for which he must obtain Project Director approval beforehand - but only to those whose intentions no longer align with the project or the rules above.)
  9. That they understand the basic Aims of Scientology, its Axioms and Codes, and intend fully to help achieve them.

Thus regulated, our projects can not fail to be extremely successful, enjoyable, and enlightening.

L. Ron Hubbard

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