The Young Rulers of Scientology

4 Dec 83

The young rulers of Scientology, today, are attempting to defuse the explosive situation that they have created over the recent years. The Scientology field is disintegrating into independent factors as never before, and in response, the new management has decided to "handle this problem".

Oh boy, stand back.

The handling that they have activated consists of a curious concoction of artificial ARC, forcibly injected into the field, and elaborate promises of "correcting earlier injustices".

No one need be duped by these callous little monsters.

There is truth, which consists of time, place, form, event. And then there are those strange generalities that are alway being referred to by the new church management...

The following is some data of exceptional interest. There is more, much more. You will be receiving new ongoing installments of this data every week. Look for it. Truth will set you free.

To begin, here, in reality, is

What Your Fees Really Buy

  1. In early '82, David Miscavige walked into the Yellow Mart store in downtown Hemet, California. The Yellow Mart is a nondescript small store in a nondescript small California valley town. It is located on Florida Avenue, the main commercial road. David purchased a submachine gun expressly for Pat Broeker. When later asked why the purchase of the gun was made, Miscavige replied that it was for "security reasons". No other explanation was given.
  2. Anyone wishing to verify this can do so by going to Hemet and checking the registration of the weapon. It should be a public access matter. The store should provide the information.

  3. In May of '82, a Clipper Ship, with three masts, full-sized, was constructed on the Church property, near Hemet, California. This property is actually known as Gilman Hot Springs and was formerly a golf and health resort which was purchased by the Church in November of '78. The cost of building this mock Clipper Ship was over half a million dollars in materials alone ($565,000). The labor was Sea Org personnel. It was built as a strange kind of movie prop, surrounding a swimming pool, which was to create the effect of an early Clipper Ship, docked in a polynesian lagoon.
  4. Rather a strange expense, this construction in the Southern California desert. The expense of the project was authorized and ordered by Vickie Aznaran (head of the Inspector General Office of the Church of Scn), David Miscavige (who has no known Church position, yet runs the Church), Pat Broeker (also no known Church position, yet is the force behind the International Finance Police, and is direct senior to David Miscavige), Ann Broeker (again, no known Church position, yet issues random orders into the Church via Miscavige), Steve Marlowe (current Executive Director of the RTC) and Marc Yaeger (Current Commanding Officer of the CMO International).

    The amazing Clipper Ship may be viewed by anyone wishing to do so, by simply driving to Hemet, California, and going to the Gilman Hot Springs property.

    The Church will even offer a tour of the ship to visitors, upon request.

    The purpose of this ship, as originally stated by Miscavige, is to "entertain VIPs". Yet, the Gilman Hot Springs property is designated as a Top Secret Church location, and is the home of RTC, CMO [Commodore's Messenger Organization] Int, the Watchdog Committee [WDC], and the Executive Director International, as well as a personal home of Miscavige, Broeker, Aznaran and Yaeger. Why, then, is there a VIP tourist attraction located at a top security location, and why was over a half million dollars of Church money spent for it?

  5. On the same property at Gilman Hot Springs, an elaborate security system was installed. It includes barbed wire, angled barbed tops, spiked wrought-iron fences, underground sensors sealed in concrete, and many, many other devices. The cost of this system was well in excess of a quarter million dollars for materials, and required literally thousands of man-hours to complete. There were numerous sensors that had to be unearthed after it was found that gophers were eating through the sensors and setting off the alarms. The system went the entire perimeter of the North property, and half the perimeter of the South property. The Gilman Hot Springs property encompasses 550 acres. There entailed a mammoth task in digging up these sensors and replacing them. Several local fence companies were employed to build the outer perimeter and were paid double, triple and quadruple wages in order to meet the deadlines imposed by Miscavige and Broeker.
  6. The question is, of course, why was this elaborate security system built?

    To keep those who were out from coming in, or to keep those who were in from getting out? Or was it built to satisfy a growing paranoia in those young executives from their disillusioned congregation?

    Regardless, you might wish to drive out there and see it. And also the multiple guard booths located along the perimeter of the property, each containing two guards, uniformed in black shirts, brown pants, weighted clubs, and walkie-talkies.

Illegal Activities

The D.M. Scam

Who Runs the Church?

-and yet, much, much more to come.

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