The Story of David Mayo

By Karen De La Carriere

3rd of Feb 2018

David Mayo died Oct 2017

Miscaviage was bent on destroying Mayo in a fever and vengeance known by those who knew him well. He threatened to destroy Mayo's reputation utterly. Character Assassination is a tool in the tool kit of the Cult. Win/Win is not a concept in the Cult. It is self-serving. Win ONLY for the cult and crush the opposition. "Destroy them utterly" was written by Hubbard and the Intention of the cult to those who speak out is "To destroy".

In its arrogance, the Cult, luxuriating in 1st amendment privileges, apparently believed only them, the Cult had 1st amendment privileges. David Mayo did not have the right to practice his 1st amendment beliefs.

Isn't Karma awesome So the cult ran nothing short of a gang stalking terrorist campaign on Mayo. And lo and behold, out of *nowhere* the ANONYMOUS movement arose and showed up just like they did to David Mayo's AAC. What goes around comes around !

This part of David's story is best read by his own words.


I, David Mayo, declare as follows

13. In February 1983, I left the Church of Scientology. Thereafter, the Church of Scientology, the Religious Technology Centre, and their agents and affiliates began a campaign of harassment and intimidation against me and persons who associated with me.

14. On August 29, 1982, David Miscaviage, and others, acting on the orders of L. Ron Hubbard, kidnapped me and subsequently kept me captive and physically and mentally abused me for six months. During this period, David Miscaviage, an officer and director of RTC, told me in the presence of Vicki Aznaran, President of RTC, Mark Yaeger, Commanding Officer, CMO INT of CSI that if I ever escaped, he would personally see to it that the resources of the Church of Scientology would destroy my character and reputation internationally. During that six-month period of captivity, I was forced to run around a tree in the desert in temperatures of up to 110 degrees for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 3 months I was under tremendous coercion and duress. I was refused medical and dental treatment (after escaping captivity I lost six teeth and required thousands of dollars of dental work to save the rest of my teeth). I was not permitted to make or receive phone calls and all letters I wrote were read by Scientology security guards. I was often awakened during the night and interrogated (mainly by Jesse Prince). In early February 1983, I was told by Rick Aznaran, Director of Security, RTC, (husband of Vicki Aznaran, President of RTC), to get the idea of leaving out of my head because I would never leave the property alive.

15. From 1983 through to the present, Plaintiffs have engaged in a concerted campaign to destroy me in accordance with the Scientology “Fair Game Law,” which allows opponents of the Church to be “deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”

16. As part of the campaign of harassment and intimidation against me, the Church of Scientology, the Religious Technology Centre, and their affiliates and agents employed a team of private detectives who harassed parishioners and staff of the Advanced Ability Centre, Santa Barbara, California, and who falsely misrepresented themselves as federal agents and conducted campaign of disinformation about me to the parishioners of the Cnurch of the New Civilization, potential parishioners of the Church of the New Civilization, the staff and the friends and relatives of the staff of the Advanced Ability Centre, and among persons with whom I and the Centre conducted religious services and training.

17. I was in extreme danger and under substantial duress during the six-month period of captivity and torture. The duress affected me even after my escape. I felt harassed and intimidated. When I left/was expelled in 1983, I had no job qualifications (other than related to Scientology), negligible savings, was not eligible for unemployment (or social security) and had no job prospects. I had no friends or acquaintances who were not scientologists and all Scientologists were required to “disconnect from” (ostracize) me.

24. As a result of the false and scurrilous accusations made against me by the Church of Scientology and the Religious Technology Centre, their affiliates and agents, the parishioners of the Church of the New Civilization were lost and new parishioners were deterred from coming to the Church while it was active.

25. Because of the campaign of harassment and intimidation directed at me, at the Church of the New Civilization and Advanced Ability Centre and its staff and at parishioners, potential parishioners, and supporters of that Church, income was lost to the Church and to me, individually.

26. At no time have I sought to make my differences with the Church of Scientology a public issue Any publicity generated involving the Plaintiffs and their campaign against me has been only in response to that campaign. The only public statements made by me which could be construed as antagonistic to the Church have been made in internal publications of the Advanced Ability Centre or during “Sunday talks” presented at the Advanced Ability Centre in which I responded to the Church’s accusations and sought to clear my name of the false and denigrating statements made against me.

Executed on this 1st day of May, 1987, at Palo Alto, California.

The wrath that David Mayo had started an offshoot branch of Scientology enraged Hubbard and David Miscaviage. As with Marty, the budget to destroy him was unlimited. The Character assassination was dirty and bloody.

There is an Executive Directive is littered with paraphrases signed by L. Ron Hubbard, adjudicating that “Mayo was simply a bird dog." The definition of a bird dog is: Somebody sent in by an enemy to mess things up.

David Mayo was locked into litigation with the Church for YEARS. This was in the 1980s. The Church believes it is the *ONLY* entity entitled to 1st amendment privileges. David Mayo was not entitled to practice what he just spent 70 hours a week for the previous 25 years. No 1st amendment for him ! It was brutal and all that mattered was market share. People were giving money to AAC, Advanced Ability Centre. The Cult wanted those $$$$$.

The church behaved so disgracefully that the Judge (Honourable James G Koltz) ruled this statement:


Church of Scientology and RTC: "Plaintiffs have abused the federal court system by using it, inter alia, to destroy their opponents, rather than to resolve an actual dispute over trademark law or any other legal matter. This constitutes 'extraordinary, malicious, wanton and oppressive conduct.


The Cult's intention was To Destroy.

On August 4, 1994, the Cult of Scientology utilized INTERPOL, the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), and the DNCD (Dominican Nacional Control de Drogas) engaged in a ploy to descend on David Mayo to get him jailed by false allegations to INTERPOL. INTERPOL had received and acted on a report that David Mayo was guilty of was "practicing Scientology (without a license"; that he had "destroyed Scientology property"; that he was "representing" himself as a "Scientologist". Ventura Bayonet, head of the Dominican Republic DNCD said that he decided to act as a result of a phone call from INTERPOL alleging that David Mayo had damaged "millions of dollars of Scientology property".

The criminal cartel was going to avenge David Mayo fleeing INT base and starting a splinter group. Hubbard said "Destroy them utterly" and the machine and the plotting and the *religious Sea org members* worked and sweated blood behind the scenes to run psychological ops on David to harm him 80 hour weeks around the clock.

So from Senior CS Apollo, to Senior CS Flag Land Base, to Senior CS INT, the death cult of Taliban Scientology now proclaimed that David Mayo was a drug runner!!!

At the direction of David Miscaviage, RTC/Church of Scientology International, Office of Special Affairs On August 4, 1994, David Mayo's home was surrounded by approximately 15 armed police, military and DNCD agents. David Mayo was handcuffed. The home was searched for fire arms, drugs and money. No drugs or firearms were found. Nonetheless, David Mayo was taken to two police stations and eventually taken to Santo Domingo where he was put in prison with no charges, explanation or reason. David wasn't allowed to make a phone call to anyone -- not even to a lawyer, to his wife Julie or to the American Embassy. That night, he was put in a small cell (about 12' x 12') stuffed with 10 - 12 other men overnight in abhorrent conditions -- he had not been permitted food or water since the afternoon, there was no place to stretch out, the cell was filled with stench due to a blocked toilet and there were flies and mosquitoes. The next day David Mayo learned that it was INTERPOL that was investigating him at the request of Scientology. He was released the next night, without being charged, but the incident was shockingly unexpected and intimidating. The harassment didn't end there.

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